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Groom Know How

Fun Bridal shower game that shows how well the Bride knows the Groom

Game Description: Shower guests try and guess how much the bride really knows about the groom.   Includes free questions to ask the groom.

      You’ll need:
Copies of the questions for each shower guest       Print out our list of 15 questions free
Game prize

Set-up: Before the shower ask the groom several questions about himself.  Make copies of only the list of questions for each bridal shower guest and one copy of the Groom Know - How questionnaire with the answers.  

How to play:
Pass out the questions about the groom to all the shower party guests and ask them to put their name on the top of the page. Tell them that these questions have been answered by the groom and now it’s time to find out how many of them the bride knows the answer to. Have them place their initials by the questions they believe the bride will answer correctly.

After everyone has filled in their guesses have them pass their paper to the person on their right.

Then have the bride answer the questions as someone reads them out loud.   Shower guests receive one point for correctly guessing whether or not the bride knows the grooms answer. Score the questionnaires and the bridal shower guest with the most points wins a prize.

Sample questions to ask the groom: ( you can add more to the sample list)

What is/was the Grooms …

1. Favorite TV show as a kid?

2. Favorite dessert?

3. Name of favorite stuffed animal?

4. Name of favorite pet?

5. Perfect vacation spot?

6. Dream profession as a child?

7. Most embarrassing moment?

8. Wish for the future?

9. Birthday? (5 point bonus if she knows the day of the week it will fall on this year)

10. Favorite color?

11. Favorite outfit the Bride wears?

12. First car?

13. Street address in college?

14. Favorite scripture verse?

15. Greatest honor / trophy?

Ask the groom if he can think of any funny or interesting questions to add to the game list.

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