Bride Know How Game
Free Printable Questions

Questions and Answers about the Bride

Sample questions:
(you can add more to the sample list)

What is/was/will be the brides …

1. Birthday?

2. Color of her eyes?

3. Color of her soon to be mother-in-laws eyes?

4. Mothers maiden name?

5. Best subject in school?

6. Favorite dessert?

7. Name of a childhood pet?

8. First car?

9. One thing she is procrastinating about doing for the wedding?

10. Flower girls name?

11. Favorite thing about the wedding?

12. Hairstyle for the ceremony?

13. High School name?

14. Groomsmen's names?

15. Favorite sport?

16. Secret talent?

17. Most embarrassing moment?

18. Dream job?

19. Perfect number of children?

20. Favorite scripture verse?

Ask the bride if she can add any fun questions to the list.