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Bridal Shower Themes  

Bridal Shower Themes are fun and a creative way to pull a bridal shower together with ease.  Here are some fun themes for your Bridal Shower.  

  Vacation Shower Theme
Help the bride and groom get ready for  their honeymoon vacation.  In the invitation to the Bridal Shower tell the invited guests where the couple will be going on their honeymoon and ask them to bring gifts that they could use during their stay or while they travel.  Fun gift ideas could be: Sunglasses, Luggage, Matching beach towels, Travel size items etc.  Decorate the Bridal Shower to match where the couple will be going and serve food that would be found there.

Recipe Bridal Shower Theme
Bless the bride and groom with a box full of new recipes to try while they are married.  In the invitation to the bridal shower send a 3 x 5 card and ask that they fill it out with their favorite recipe and bring it to the shower with them.  Gather them together at the bridal shower and place them in a pretty recipe box for the bride to keep.  You can also ask that they return the recipes before the shower and make some of the dishes to be sampled at the bridal shower.

For a fun bridal shower activity that will compliment the Recipe theme see "Three Things".

Kitchen Bridal Shower Theme
This is a great theme and will help stock the newlywed's kitchen.  In the invitation let the invited guests know that the bridal shower will have a kitchen theme and ask them to bring gifts that reflect the theme.  Kitchen appliances, Spices, Serving Bowls etc. are all great examples.  Decorate with centerpieces made from kitchen utensils in tall containers wrapped with kitchen towels.  As a fun game you could also ask each guest to bring a mystery item used in the kitchen ... then as they are opened with the regular gift guests have to guess what they are used for.

BBQ Bridal Shower Theme
This is a fun theme especially for Couples Showers.  Grill dinner outside and ask each guest to bring a side dish with the recipe to give to the bride.  For prizes give away barbeque sauces, bags of charcoal, barbeque utensils, barbeque mitts and aprons.  Great idea for a casual bridal shower theme that lets people relax and get to know each other.

Hobby Bridal Shower Theme
If the bride and groom have a hobby that they enjoy ask guests to bring gifts that would relate to their hobby.  This type of shower is appreciated by both the bride and the groom.

Household Bridal Shower Theme
Ask guests to bring a gift that would help stock the household of the newly married couple.  Anything that is needed in the daily running of a house.

Around the Clock Bridal Shower Theme
While you are making out the bridal shower invitations assign a different hour of the day to each invited guest.  Ask them to bring or create a gift that would be used during that time of day when the couple is married.


Alphabet Bridal Shower Theme
In the bridal shower invitation ask the invited guests to bring a gift that begins with a certain letter of the alphabet.  Ask them to write the letter that they have been assigned on the top of the wrapped gift and then open the gifts in order.

Techie Bridal Shower Theme
If the bride and groom are into technology then throw them a Techie Bridal Shower.  Ask guests to bring gifts that have to do with technology. 

Bath Bridal Shower Theme
Ask guests of the bridal shower to bring gifts which would be used in the bath of the couples new residence.  Towels, Soaps, Shower Curtains, Rugs, and Organizers are great gifts.

Spa Bridal Shower Theme
Pamper the bride and have a Spa Themed Bridal Shower.  Ask guests to bring gifts that would give her a spa type atmosphere in her new home.  You can also set up different stations around the bridal shower and give manicures and facials.  Great for a relaxed get together with good friends of the bride.

Room of the House Bridal Shower Theme
On the bridal shower invitation ask guests to bring a gift that relates to one room of the house. Divide the couples home into rooms and assign several of the guests to one room.  Don't forget the laundry room!

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