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Bridal Shower Icebreakers

Fun Games to start the party and "break the ice".  Bridal shower icebreaker games are a great way to let guests get to know each other and set the mood to have a fun shower.  For more games to play at bridal showers see Bridal Shower Games.


Bridal Icebreaker Bingo Game
Each bridal shower guest receives a Bridal Icebreaker Bingo Game playing card.  On the playing card there are 25 squares filled with different statements.  The shower guests must find people at the party that will answer yes to the statements.  Once they have found someone they have the person sign their name or initials on the square.  First one to fill the whole card wins a prize. 

This game will get everyone talking and mingling together right away.   Print out the free game card here.

Roll of Sharing Icebreaker Game
The object of the game is to get people to tell the group about themselves.  After everyone is seated in a circle start the game by bringing out a roll of toilet paper.  Without telling them what the game is about ask the shower guests to pass the roll around the circle and "take as many sheets as you think you will need".   Each guest must take something from the roll. 

When they are done explain that they are to share one thing with the group about themselves for each sheet of toilet paper they have.   This is a fun game and gets really crazy for the ladies that take 20 or more sheets. 

Skittles Icebreaker Game
This is played very similar to the "Roll of Sharing" game above except instead of passing around a roll of toilet paper a dish of skittles is passed around the group.  Tell the guests that they are not allowed to eat their candies until everyone has gotten some. 

After everyone has gotten some skittles tell them that they are to share 1 thing about themselves for each skittle they took. 

Variation:  You can also assign a category to each color of skittle. The guests must tell something about themselves from the categories (or colors) of skittles they chose.  Example:  Green = Personal, Yellow = Interests, Red = Family, Orange = Childhood

This icebreaker game can be played with any small colorful candy such as M&M's or  lifesavers.

Song Lyrics Icebreaker Game
Choose well known songs about love, weddings and marriage.  Write down several lines from each song on a piece of paper and then cut the lyrics in half.  Mix up the lyrics and place them in a bowl or basket.  As guests arrive for the bridal shower have them choose a piece of paper.  Tell them they must try and find the guest with the other half of the lyrics.  

Icebreaker Bridal Ball Game
Buy a pretty blow up beach ball (preferably pink or pastel colored) and use a permanent marker to write different questions all over the ball.  While guests are sitting in a circle have them throw the ball to one another and when they catch it which ever question their right thumb is touching is the questions they must answer.  The more questions you can fit on the ball the better!

The questions you write on the ball can be:

General questions about the guests:  What color is your car?  Where do you work? How many years have you been married?  What is your favorite color?  Do you have any scars? What is your favorite restaurant?  etc.

How well do they know the bride:  When did you meet the bride?  Funny story about you and the bride?  What is the bride's favorite dessert?  Where did the couple meet?  etc.

Wedding related:  Why does the bride throw the bouquet?  Why is the wedding ring worn on the left hand?  What toast would you give the bride?  Who is the flower girl? 



Name Tag Name

Fun and silly and very simple to do.  Buy large nametags and on each one write a wedding related item.  (See list below)  When bridal shower guests arrive at the party give them each a nametag and tell them that from now on they will be known by that name.  They must respond to that name and only call others by their nametag  name.  Each time they mess up and call someone by the wrong name they must place a coin (penny, nickel, dime or quarter) in a cute piggy bank for the bride and groom. 

Instead of making the guests give coins to the couple give each guest several Mardi Gras beads along with their nametag.  When they mess up they have to give the person who caught them one strand of their beads.  The guest with the most beads at the end wins.

List of names you could use on the nametags:
Marry, Cake, Party, Flower, Diamond, Ring, Rose, Gardenia, Veil, Bouquet, Petal, Dove, Rice, Honey, Moon, Toast, Kiss, Garland, Centerpiece, Topper

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