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Games for Couples Showers 
Fun Bridal Shower games for couples showers 

    Song Lyrics Icebreaker Game
Choose well known songs about love, weddings and marriage.  Write down several lines from each song on a piece of paper and then cut the lyrics in half.  Mix up the lyrics and place them in a bowl or basket.  As guests arrive for the bridal shower have them choose a piece of paper.  Tell them they must try and find the guest with the other half of the lyrics.  

For a "Honey Do" couples shower where the couples are requested to give gifts which would help the groom with his honey do list:
Name Tag Name
Very simple game for a couples shower.  Buy large nametags and on each one write the name of an item that could be used to complete a "honey do" list.  (See list below)  When the guests arrive at the party give them each a nametag and tell them that from now on they will be known by that name.  They must respond to that name and only call others by their nametag  name.  Each time they mess up and call someone by the wrong name they must place a coin (penny, nickel, dime or quarter) in a cute bank located in the center of the room for the bride and groom's "honey do" projects. 

Sample names for the nametags:
Hammer, Saw, Chisel, Nut, Bolt, Plywood, Duct Tape, WD40, Ladder, Stool, Cement, ShopVac, Ratchet, Tool Belt, Pliers, Bucket ... there are so many more.


Grooms Gag Gifts
This is a fun game that will keep the party moving when the bride and groom are opening their presents.  In the couples shower invitation ask that the guests bring two gifts - a gift for the bride and an inexpensive gag gift for the groom.  When it is time to open the gifts the bride and groom take turns opening the presents.  After the bride opens a gift addressed to her then the groom opens a gag gift.   The groom's gifts will provide entertainment and laughs through the gift opening process.   

Cartoon Couples Icebreaker Game
Choose cartoon couples and write their names on separate pieces of paper.  Mix them up and place them in a bowl or basket by the front door.  When guests arrive for the couples shower ask them to choose a piece of paper and they have to go and find their match.  Some good cartoon couples are:  Shaggy and Scooby, Tom and Jerry, Sponge Bob and Patrick, Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd, Daisy and Donald Duck, Chip and Dale, Mickey and Minnie Mouse. 

Punch Line Icebreaker Game
Write down jokes and their punch lines on separate pieces of paper.  Mix them up and place them in a bowl or a basket by the front door.  When guests arrive for the shower ask them to choose a piece of paper from the bowl.  The person with the joke must find the person with the matching punch line.  Read the jokes out loud when everyone has been matched up. 

Bride Test
Ask the groom several questions about himself before the shower begins.  Keep the answers for the game.  Before the bride and groom open their presents announce that the bride will be asked questions about the groom.  If she is able to answer the question correctly she can open one of the gifts.  If she is wrong then the first person to shout out the correct answer gets a small prize.  You may need to have a lot of questions on hand depending on how many gifts are to be opened. 

Here are some fun sample questions to ask the Groom:
1. Favorite TV show as a kid?

2. Favorite dessert?

3. Name of favorite stuffed animal?

4. Name of favorite pet?

5. Perfect vacation spot?

6. Dream profession as a child?

7. Most embarrassing moment?

8. Wish for the future?

9. Birthday? (5 point bonus if she knows the day of the week it will fall on this year)

10. Favorite color?

11. Favorite outfit the Bride wears?

12. First car?

13. Street address in college?

14. Favorite scripture verse?

15. Greatest honor / trophy?

16. How did you get the scar on your .....?

17. What super hero would you be?

18. Name of your elementary school in 1st grade?

19. If the bride was an animal she would be?

20. Afraid of?


Prize Dice

You'll need a pair of dice and several inexpensive wrapped gifts which relate to the theme of the couples shower (Vacation - sunglasses, suntan lotion, beach ball, BBQ - sauces, grilling mitts, charcoal, Home - coasters, handtowels, etc. ).  You will need about 10 prizes - more for a larger shower of over 20 people.

Ask everyone to sit in a circle with the wrapped gifts in the middle.  Start by handing the dice to the bride and tell her when you say "go" to roll the dice. 

Tell the guests that the timer will be set for 10 minutes (or longer for a larger group). 

The guests roll the dice and if they come up doubles then they hand the dice to the person on their left and quickly grab a wrapped prize.  They may not open the wrapped prize

The next person rolls the dice and so on around the circle.  When the gifts are all gone and there is still time on the clock they go around again rolling the dice and when they get doubles they may take a prize from someone, exchange a prize with someone or keep the gift they have. 

When the timer runs out all the guests with prizes open their gifts.
Sugar Time
Buy several boxes of wrapped snacks such as Twinkies, Cupcakes or Powdered Doughnuts.  Divide into teams by couples and tell them to stand face to face with their hands behind their backs.  Place one of the wrapped snacks into the mouth of one of the couples and tell them that without touching the snack they must unwrap it and feed it to their partner.  The other partner can help in the unwrapping, but may not use their hands either.  First one done receives a prize.   

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